the Creative Hub.

The Creative Hub started in January 2018 and within months of opening has become a household name in Port Harcourt by virtue of the impact we are making and opportunities we are creating throughout the Creative and Entrepreneurial Community in the State. Our reach is very wide and cuts across the Business, Entertainment, Technology, Media, Design and Cultural/Arts Sector.

Our Events and Projects have impacted more than 2000 individuals since inception.

We started the Hub because we quickly realized that Rivers State is blessed and bursting with individual creative talent and a very rich cultural history which needed proper direction and a fusion if we were to make strong impact We have successfully built a talented community where we leverage on the plethora of multiple skills each individual brings, which we harness by means collaborations towards pushing the State into the forefront of impact generation and youth engagement through creative business and cultural expression.

We also realized that after oil and agriculture, the creative industry is the next significant player in the Nigerian economy and a huge contributor to the Nation’s GDP This is therefore our bid to contribute successfully towards helping to unite and grow the Creative Industry in Rivers State while diversifying the focus in the minds of youth which is right geared towards oil and government dependence into looking into other areas, options and opportunities which the Creative Industry provides.

What we do

We are achieving our mission by creating platforms and providing a space where individuals from all sectors of the Creative Industry can gather to connect.

We currently have different Entrepreneurial and Business Events, Entertainment and Social Events, Giveback/Community Impact Projects and Entrepreneurial/Vocational based Skills trainings which we have carried out successfully.

We are at the forefront of pushing the Arts, Culture, Creativity and Enterprise as we understand the Value of Innovation, Creativity, appreciation for the Arts and Youth engagement in any well-balanced Society.

OUR IMPACT so far has been achieved with personal funds and at no cost to the public

Visit us

Ibinabo Amakiri

45 Evo Road, New GRA, Phase 2
Port Harcourt, Rivers State


[email protected]